About Us

MAS Accountant & Consultant Limited was established in 2012 to offer services in accounting, taxation, bookkeeping, advising to setup new businesses, tax effective investments business services to Micro and SME businesses for UK clients.

We are engaged in providing services to companies & individual clients such as accounting services, income tax returns, setting up new business, assisting in family tax benefits and other income tax related affairs.

We provide high professional business services for our business clients including cosmetics industry, fashion, property investment, transportation, finance, consultancy, MiniCab business, rental and investments, and so on.

Our motto is to provide excellent professional services in the area of accountancy, tax and other business advisory services to our clients. We believe in sustainability by this we mean to develop capacity for clients from various sectors.

We thrive on the challenges and opportunities that come from working with growing enterprises. Helping our clients at every step of their growth from start-up to established business. .
Because every client is important to us, we lead all our engagements by relationship. A specially designated qualified accountant comprising relevant consultants from our different service areas looks after every MAS Accountant client. we understand every client’s business so that we offer the right services just when they are needed.

Business is challenging. That’s why clients seek our sound business judgment and our innovative, yet disciplined, application of specialist skills. They know that finding the right answers means more than just technical competence.

We always approach issues from a business perspective. Our clients receive relevant, balanced advice, alerting them to the arguments for and against a strategy or approach. We believe that by understanding both sides of an argument, our clients can make the best decisions for their businesses.

We provides straightforward, down to earth advice and services that work in the real world.
MAS Accountant is registered and regulated by Institute of Financial Accountants (IFA)